Judy Zexter, Santa Monica Psychotherapist

Judy Zexter brings over 15 years of clinical experience to her Santa Monica based private psychotherapy and counseling practice.  She has helped countless individuals, couples and families to gain insight into their personal dynamics and overcome the obstacles to satisfying relationships and productive lives.  She works collaboratively with her clients in order to empower them as they address their personal issues and transform negative patterns into more adaptive ways of functioning.

Areas of Expertise Include:

Interpersonal Relationships
Parenting Dynamics

-  Preconception, Pregnancy and Postpartum Adjustments

-  Reproductive Challenges

-  Identity Transitions to Parenthood

-  Co-parenting/Marriage Support

-  Parent/Child Conflict

-  Parenting through Divorce

-  Adoption Related Adjustments
Adolescent Development
Bridging the Gap Between Adolescence and Adulthood
Self Esteem Issues
Coping With Life Transitions

Areas Served:

Santa Monica (including Ocean Park, Sunset Park, North of Montana)
Marina Del Rey
West LA
Pacific Palisades
Culver City
Los Angeles
Mar Vista

Telephone:                    310-303-4570
E mail:                
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